Bridlewood is Open to Trainers of all Disciplines, to Instruct at our Facility.
We understand the importance regarding the care of your clients horses.  We also know that as a trainer, that the facility requires the amenities to assist you in your instruction and training programs.  If you are interested in transferring your clientele to Bridlewood, please contact us to reserve your spacing.  Bridlewood also allows trainers to "pull-in" and use the facility for training and lessons.  Call for details.

If you are a student, and have a Great Trainer, please refer them to Bridlewood, or contact us with their information.

If you are a member of a riding club that would like to host a trainer, clinician, or schooling show, please contact us with dates.

If you are a Trainer with multiple clientele, you may want to consider our mini-barn package.  This is a facility lease only, you would be responsible for all care regarding your clients horses.

Contact Elizabeth Lee for more information.  Leave a voice message at Bridlewood (405) 771-3606 for a return call. 
Trainers & Training
With over 40 years in the horse business, I have seen & met my share of trainers.  I do realize that building a multiple  discipline facility is going to be a challenge.  I believe that a horse & rider will only meet what expectations and limits that are expected.  As a child, no one told me barrel horses couldn't jump...I soon learned the importance of timing & being more centered with my "barrel horse jumping."  I learned from being exposed to another discipline.  In the show ring, the days of the "all around horse" are unfortunately gone, they were the true champions.  It is a time of specialized horse and trainer.  I still believe that observing, understanding and learning other disciplines will make us better riders, better horseman, and helps to clear the mind and boredom of our horses during off-season.
....Elizabeth Lee         
Bridlewood's Open List of Approved Trainers, in both English and Western riding disciplines, gives you the opportunity to hone your skills to reach whatever your goals may be. Whether it is obtaining a more effortless connection with your horse, or being a top competitor at the A rated horse shows.  Bridlewood will help you develop your plan to get there, and to have fun along the way. matter what tack you choose.
Bridlewood encourages you to choose your own trainer(s), or simply enjoy your horse.

Bridlewood is Oklahoma City's largest privately owned boarding facility for all breeds of horses; offering a learning environment with outstanding horse care......a unique facility for both you and your horse.
If you want to improve your horse riding skills, learn more about horse care, develop your interest in showing, have plenty of arena space, acres of riding trails, and do it all in a safe, enjoyable environment, 
Bridlewood is your answer.

All Breeds are Welcome.  All Riding Disciplines Honored.
5300 N Air Depot Blvd. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                                      (405) 771-3606
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